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AGV flexible solutions

Abu Dhabi Project

Project Overview

Location: Abu Dhabi
Equipment type: Pallet-type AGV
Exit: 2
Number of parking space: 83


Project highlight

1.The garage is characterized by its single and irregular lane that its narrowest pathway is 2.4 meters. The parking AGV is restricted to make a rotation at four designated positions. The use of step-by-step cooperation of two AGVs in the narrow pathway can correctly resolve this dilemma and reduce the time of parking and retrieving.
2.The pillar and wall are so large that many parking spots are blocked. The pallet-type AGV effectively utilize all available spaces through its omnidirectional movement.
3. The dynamic cache mechanism is adopted to effectively reduce the cache period.
4. The garage entrance is small, and 360 degrees turntable is unavailable. The parking AGV can keep cars facing forward through its self-rotation so that reversing is no more needed.