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AGV flexible solutions

AGV in publishing industry


Industry: Publishing

Location: Shenyang

Number of AGV: 14 forklift AGVs, 64 sorting AGVs

Time: Implemented in October 2017


Project Background:

The book storage and sorting of publishing warehouse are usually conducted by workers in a low-efficiency and high error rate way. Books are usually misplaced, so sorting is time-consuming. In response to this problem, YeeFung has created a new mode of storing and sorting books in the publishing industry, reengineering the traditional warehouse with AGV. Yeefung has introduced automation and intelligence into the publishing industry, and changed the conventional warehouse to “high position for storage, low position for sorting” mode.

Project Overview

The project is the first application case in the book-warehousing industry in China, and the warehouse is  20,000 square meters. Warehouse No. 1 mainly consists of five-tier shelves. (Height of each shelf is 5.8m). Operating with five stacking forklift AGVs, nine reach truck AGVs, and 64 sorting AGVs, the warehouse is fully automated to book sorting and shipping. Coordinated by central WMS, the self-driving forklifts and sorting AGVs realized automatic transport of books with the optimum route planning, and improved efficiency by 2.5 times while maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate. The indoor temperature of the warehouse is around -20 degrees and heating is unavailable in winter. In such an extreme environment, AGV still maintains its high performance. Only nine manual sorting positions are reserved in this huge warehouse, and thus significantly lower labor costs.

Program Highlight

1. Higher lifting. The height of the fifth tier is 5.8 meters, and the forklifts can reach 5.99 meters.
2. The cooperation of forklifts and sorting AGVs enhance the automation level.
3. The AGV can maintain its high performance in a complicated and negative 20 degree Celsius extreme environment.
4. There are 9300 pallet positions in warehouse No.3
5.Yeefung has replaced the conventional warehouse with intelligent warehousing.