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AGV flexible solutions

AGV in intelligent parking industry

Industry: Parking industry

Address: Nanjing, Jiangsu Province

Investors: Nanjing Metro Resources Development Co., Ltd.

Equipment type: Comb-type parking AGV

Entrance and exit: 2

Number of parking spots: 57


Project overview

The P+R garage locates on the T intersection of Jian Kang Lu and Ping Jiang Fu Lu where is the busiest commercial area of Nanjing. The garage is surrounded by numerous subway stations and bus stations so that its traffic count is much higher than the average. The existing supporting facilities cannot support a traditional parking garage. Taking advantages of innovative AGV technology, Yeefung makes it possible by exploiting intermediate floor space to create 57 more parking spots.


Project highlight:

1. The traditional automatic garage requires higher space for the substructure to install vehicle mover. The height limit of the project is 2000mm, and it is too low to fit traditional parking equipment. Yeefung's comb-type AGV eliminated the needs of the substructure, securing ≤1550mm vehicles moving in the garage.
2. The parking AGV equips with comb-exchange technology that is the most sophisticated, safe, and stable vehicle translation method presently. It facilitates vehicle translation by applying the well-matched comb-type mechanism on both the AGV and parking spots so that the whole exchange process is smoothly running.
3. The parking AGV simplifies parking process and maximizes parking spaces in a narrow garage. No space needed for opening car doors and reversing. Thus, the parking spots can be arranged compactly.