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AGV flexible solutions

Singapore Robinson Tower Project

Project overview

Consist of A-class office building and shopping plaza, Robinson Tower locates in the central business district of Singapore. The parking design was complicated by its distinctive building structure. The horizontal projection of the garage shows its gourd-shaped layout that is explicitly challenging to install traditional stereo parking equipment. Therefore, parking availability and efficiency were limited by such an unusual layout. However, Yeefung perfectly resolved the dilemma through its innovative AGV technology.


Project highlight

1.Taking advantages of innovative AGV technology and intelligent railless navigation,Yeefung exploited every available space of the gourd-shaped garage. The garage contains five floors, and each floor has 17 parking spaces. Therefore, Yeefung created 85 parking spaces in total.
2. The average parking/retrieving process is reduced to 2 minutes by introducing comb-type AGV.
3. No car turntable equipment is needed at entrance/exit. The AGV can rotate 360 degrees to keep the vehicle facing forward.



Building interior view


Building exterior