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AGV flexible solutions

Transport Cases

Transport Solution

Yeefung's flexible on-site logistics solutions focus on building a long-term relationship with our clients, working closely with clients to develop appropriate material-handling solutions, improving resource utilization, helping to reduce long-run operating costs, and increasing operational efficiency. By jointly investigating all aspects and processes of material transport, Yeefung is responsible for establishing the key performance indicators, material handling equipment requirements, operating procedures, and other compatible solutions.

  • 应用案例

    AGV in automobile industry

    Project implement time: 2018-02-01

    Industry: Automobile Industry Location: Shanghai Time: Implemented in February 2018, completed in March, put into use in May

  • 应用案例

    AGV in publishing industry

    Project implement time: 2017-10-01

    Industry: Publishing Location: Shenyang Time: October 2017 Number of AGV: 14 forklift AGVs, 64 sorting AGVs

  • 应用案例

    AGV in e-commerce industry

    Project implement time: 2018-09-30

    Industry:E-commerce(Good-to-man) Location:Shanghai Time:Implemented in April 2018 Number of AGV: 15

  • 应用案例

    AGV in Electronics industry

    Project implement time: 2018-09-29

    Industry: Communications / Electronics Industry Venue: Guangdong Songshan Lake High-tech Industrial Development Zone Working hour: 24*7