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Yeefung robot won the 2018LT China Logistics Technology Award



In March 22, 2018, the seventh LT China logistics technology award ceremony was held successfully in Beijing. Yeefung AGV GETA LCQL32 laser navigation forklift truck has won the 2018 LT logistics technology award "innovative product award".





A GV GETA LCQL32L navigations the the AGV GETA LCQL32L navigation of the the development of the object, the.for the AGVto, and the classing the 2-3time, and the 3-time, and the process of the the the the the object of the the the the a object-35.Low temperature and 55 degrees Celsius high temperature, WMS unified scheduling, lifting height up to 5990mm.


LT award, the full name LogisticsTechnology Award, China logistics technology award. Established in 2011, it aims to commend the achievements of logistics technology and equipment, logistics application innovation, industry progress and social development to encourage logistics technology and application innovation and promote the development of China's logistics industry. It is recognized as one of the most important awards in the field of logistics, and is known as "Oscar of China's logistics industry".