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Yeefung Zhizhi | SAIC Volkswagen's first natural navigation AGV project successfully commissioned



The SAIC Volkswagen high-voltage battery workshop adopts a flexible production line consisting of 90 AGVs, which can reach the production capacity of 52 JPH PHEV and 26 JPH BEV batteries, and adopts robotic automatic grabbing for components such as modules and lower casings. Recently, in the high-voltage battery workshop that is in full swing,Another new member appeared: it is the first natural navigation AGV of SAIC Volkswagen.



Project history
Under the guidance of SAIC Volkswagen “Creating 2025”, the response plan logistics and control was put forward.“Intelligent”、“intensification”and“Green”The 2025 strategic goal. In the planning of the high-voltage battery workshop logistics plan, despite the limitations of the factory conditions, we still insist on innovation, overcome difficulties, and take the lead in introducing natural navigation AGV technology.

In the early stage of the program planning, in order to ensure the smooth application of this technology, we have verified the feasibility, stability and reliability. After analyzing the characteristics of the navigation technology, the battery workshop environment matching and the reliability of the production environment, several technical exchanges, program reviews and optimizations were carried out. Finally, according to the optimized planning scheme, a simulation scenario was set up in the SAIC Volkswagen Intelligent Logistics Laboratory to test and test various extreme conditions. In addition, in order to ensure that production is foolproof, we have also developed a multi-level emergency solution for this technology application.

What is natural navigation?
Natural navigation technology is a form of navigation that uses an expert laser scanning sensor to sense the surrounding environment and construct a map through an advanced SLAM algorithm. Compared with traditional navigation methods such as tape, ribbon or QR code, this technology is like putting a thinking brain on the AGV, making the AGV more intelligent and flexible.And greatly reduce the need for ground conditions.

Cost reduction and intelligence
The application of natural navigation technology will make SAIC Volkswagen's logistics more flexible and flexible. SAIC Volkswagen has taken a solid step on the road of “smart manufacturing” and “smart logistics”. However, the implementation of this project has not only improved the technical capabilities, but also improved the cost and efficiency of the corresponding links, and brought new possibilities for the further advancement of new technologies.
First of all, from the cost, the battery shop logistics is on the line.Can save 2 logistics positions and 2 mobile devices, with an annual optimization cost of 100,000 yuan
Second, in terms of efficiency, flexible navigation forms can adapt the AGV to more complex environments. The high-voltage battery workshop is remodeled on the basis of the old paint shop. The narrow passage and flexible navigation form make it possible to apply automation technology in a limited environment. In addition, the intelligent dispatch management system based on this technology can realize AGV multi-route sharing, reduce the investment of equipment resources, and improve the adaptability to process adjustment.
Finally, from the perspective of technical reserves, navigation technology has always been a technical bottleneck for AGV and mobile devices. Once it breaks through, it can greatly promote the intelligence of logistics and production. The application of natural navigation forms has made SAIC Volkswagen go further on the road of new navigation technology exploration.
The implementation of this project will bring new ideas to the application of AGV and other automation equipment in SAIC Volkswagen, and gain experience for the promotion and application of this technology.