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Yeefung Robot won the "AGV Robot Top Ten Application Engineering Case Award"



Yeefung Robot Co., Ltd. won the "AGV Robot Top Ten Application Engineering Case Award" with the world's first robot parking garage project - Nanjing Confucius Temple Yeefung Robot Parking Library Project.



The AGV Robots Top Ten Excellent Application Engineering Case Collection Campaign was launched by China AGV Robot Industry Alliance, New Strategic Robot Industry Research Institute, and Logistics Handling Robot magazine in conjunction with CeMAT Asia 2017.
Project Overview

After design, production, installation and commissioning, in November 2016, the Nanjing Confucius Temple Yifeng Parking Robot Garage became the world's first real-use, ground-operated parking robot parking lot.



Prosperous location and large traffic flow
The P+R parking garage project of Nanjing Confucius Temple is located in the Confucius Temple Area of Qinhuai District, Nanjing. Above the Confucius Temple Station at the intersection of Metro Line 3 and Line 5, the northeast block at the intersection of Pingjiangfu Road and Jiankang Road. It is located in the bustling commercial area of Nanjing Confucius Temple, close to the intersection of Health Road and Pingjiangfu Road Dingzi, surrounded by subway entrances and bus stops, and the traffic volume of people and vehicles is very large.



The shape of this project is specific, and many spaces are “dead spots”.
If you use traditional ramp parking, you can park up to 10 cars. But Shenzhen Yifeng parking robots use these “derelict” spaces. The application of AGV flexible technology solves the big problem that this parking space is difficult to plan and construct. The technology of lifting and rotating is used to solve the problem of parking ramp with huge floor space. The AGV parking technology with laser navigation solves the problem of complex structure of the column net, compact parking operation and high precision. The project finally achieved the perfect parking of 57 cars.

Program features

1, comb exchange technology
The position exchange of the vehicle is realized by the comb-tooth mechanism that crosses the carrier and the storage position. It is the most mature, safe and stable exchange mode, and the instructions can be directly executed.
2, the perfect combination of laser navigation technology and automatic parking technology
For the first time in the world, the perfect combination of laser navigation technology and automatic parking technology is achieved. Compared with other technology types, the form of comb handling is more efficient, and the time required for 2 minutes to access the car can be realized at the fastest, and the navigation is more precise. Compared with two-dimensional code navigation, two-dimensional code navigation technology is difficult to construct, highly susceptible to pollution, demanding cleanliness of open space, and higher maintenance costs, making it difficult to achieve large-scale commercial parking.

3, stop the car process is convenient and intelligent
The driver drives the vehicle to the garage entrance and exit, and the garage door is automatically opened by the coil induction. After the vehicle stops at the entrance and exit, the driver can swipe away and the parking robot completes the entire parking process. When you pick up a car, you can automatically get out of the car and give the user a different intelligent experience.

Industry influence
Accelerate the development of China's AGV industry
This project is China's breakthrough application in the field of robotics, and in a relatively short period of time, the results of this project will be transformed into the pillar industry of China's smart garage and intelligent intelligent equipment, which not only fills the gap in domestic large-scale application, but also solves the dependence. Imports, constraints, and high costs can accelerate the development and technology application of China's AGV industry, optimize the industrial structure and environment, save manpower, material resources, financial resources and resources, and obtain overall social benefits.

The creation was repeatedly reported by CCTV's "News Network", Financial Channel, Reuters TV, Russian TV, and various WeChat public accounts, and achieved good economic and social benefits. This "Internet + smart parking" mode can solve the problem that the current parking difficulty and the inventory parking lot cannot be incrementally modified, which can bring new ideas to the modern parking lot management and improve and enhance the image of the parking industry.