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AGV flexible solutions

National Fitness Center Project

Project overview:

The "fancy" National Fitness Center Smart Parking Garage situates on Zhong Shan Dong Lu, the CBD of Nanjing where finding a parking lot is extremely difficult. Yeefung created more parking spaces by coordinating various parking modes, thus, exploiting parking spaces on both sides of the driveway with little infrastructure modification. Yeefung's technological solution automated the traditional garage, resolving urban parking problem and balancing traffic flow.

Project highlight:

1. The parking garage combines AGV and other types of stereo parking equipment, which fully meet the parking needs of users without compromising aesthetics. Once a car enters the parking garage, the intelligent parking system will inspect its model, length, width, height, and guide the vehicle to the designated position. After the driver leaves, the intelligent parking garage starts working automatically.
2. “Customer-oriented" parking garage substantially improves customer satisfaction. All project details have been taken into consideration so that customers can use the intelligent parking system easily. The only thing that requires customer input is pressing the Parking/Retrieving button. The garage is supplemented with a comfortable waiting zone that includes air conditioning, sofa, WIFi, etc.