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AGV flexible solutions

AGV in automobile industry

Industry: Automobile industry
Location: Shanghai
Timeline: Implemented in February 2018, completed in March, put into use in May

Working hour: 10 hours / shift / day, 300 days / year
System capability requirements: PHEV 52JPH, BEV 26 JPH;
Beat: PHEV: 59s; BEV:118s;
Equipment operation rate: 95%
Temperature requirement: 0℃~40℃
Humidity requirement: 80% or less (non-condensing)


Project Background

Yeefung actively responds to the advocate of SAIC Volkswagen's “Co-create 2025”. The 2025 strategic goal of logistics is to achieve “Intelligence,” “Integration” and “Green." We insist on providing our customers with innovative and practical solutions despite various limitations of logistics design. We overcame numerous difficulties by pioneering AGV natural navigation.


Project Highlight

1.Using hybrid navigation. Yeefung adopted traditional laser navigation (reflector required) on the regions that environmental change rate exceeds 50% and demand high positioning accuracy. And we used the laser SLAM algorithm natural navigation on the remaining areas(no reflector needed).


2.Improving production line flexibility. The high-voltage battery workshop is remodeled on the basis of the old paint workshop with a narrow pathway. The flexible navigation enables the introduction of automation to narrow spaces. Besides, the intelligent dispatching management system can realize AGV multi-route sharing, reduce equipment resource inputs, and improving production line compatibility.


3. Improving efficiency with lower cost. The large-scale logistics of the battery workshop can save 2 logistics posts and 2 mobile devices, and the annual optimization cost is more than 100,000 yuan. The implementation of this project will bring new ideas to the application of AGV and other automation equipment in SAIC Volkswagen, and gain experience for the promotion and application of this technology. 



The high-voltage battery workshop is remodeled on the basis of the old paint workshop with narrow aisle. Flexible navigation mode make it possible to apply automation technology in a limited environment. In addition, the intelligent dispatch management system based on this technology can realize AGV multi-route sharing, reduce the investment of equipment resources.