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AGV flexible solutions

AGV in Electronics industry

Industry: Communication / Electronics Industry

Location: Guangdong Songshan Lake High-tech Industrial Development Zone

Timeline: Implemented in October 2017 and put into use in January 2018


Project background

Yeefung upgraded the wireless communication module production line to the fully-automatic level, transforming manual production to highly flexible and adaptive AGV production mode.


Project Overview

Managed by upper dispatching system, AGVs effectively cooperate with the conveyor lines to transport materials between production lines and inspection stations. The AGVs automated the process of assembly and inspection of wireless communication modules, thus reducing labor costs and saving the spaces that previously reserved for rails and cables.


Project highlight

1. The load capacity is 100Kg.
2. AGV can keep working 24*7 and transport 500 products per day to meet the production requirement.
3. AGV can get loaded directly from production equipment and inspection equipment.
4. Using SICK expertise laser sensor to make sure the safety.