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AGV flexible solutions

AGV in 3C industry

Industry: 3C

Location: Suzhou Yancheng

Timeline: Implemented in April 2018 and put into use in June 2018

Number of AGV: 23


Project background

A Suzhou LED chip producer relocated its new factory in Yancheng, and Yeefung introduced innovative production management system and modern production equipment to digitalize and automate the new factory. The natural navigation AGVs facilitated material transport throughout the logistics.


Project overview

LED wafer production process is very complicated: row-solid-baking (three times) - full inspection 1 - cleaning - wire - full inspection 2 - dispensing. The project uses 23 QR code navigation latent lifting AGV, more than 100 sets of call terminals, 1 set WMS system and AGV dispatch system. Realize material distribution and cargo recovery for more than 1,000 production machines in the factory.

Project Highlight

1. Latent lifting AGV with rated load of 100KG.
2. 23 AGVs are dispatched at the same time and they can finish tasks without interference.
3. LED wafer production process is complicated. With the control of WMS system and AGV system, all works can be done in good order and high efficiency.