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Yeefung intelligent transport AGVs


Logistics AGVs

AGV is an integrated system that consists of modeling of the immediate environment, dynamic planning&decision making, behavioral control, and execution. We provide every client with a customized and comprehensive solution for intelligent logistics. The AGV equips with real-time data exchange, powerful computation, dynamic upper dispatching system, and diversified operating modes to coordinate the processes of material handling. Different types of AGV, including go-sorting AGV, fork truck AGV, TOMAS, comb-type AGV, and pallet truck AGV, can effectively cooperate under a central dispatching system with perfect compatibility.


Thomas can lurk under material trolley and guide its movement. The unique natural navigation facilitates AGV to move freely and avoid obstacles automatically in a complex and dynamic environment. Thomas has cutting-edge positioning accuracy and widely used in the automobile and manufacturing industries.
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Natural navigation trail type AGV


GETA XBS31 can replace human to test the equipment’s running situation. Applied for natural navigation, GETA XBS31 can give timing routing inspection to fixed spot.
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Natural navigation inspection AGV

Go-soring AGV

Based on vision navigation with smart algorithm, GETA-LFV31 can identify the ground situation by its camera, so that it can realize the real-time location.
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Visual navigation AGV


Combines the features of the comb-exchange type with the pallet type AGV. This new parking AGV can carry cars directly without any medium such as comb frame or car pallet.
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Laser guided drum parking AGV