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Yeefung intelligent transport AGVs


Developed by YeeFung, GETA is the latest smart parking AGV. Supported by innovative AGV mechanical engineering and laser navigation, GETA can move omnidirectionally and flexibly, increasing positioning precision level to 5mm. GETA greatly improves customer satisfaction by creating 40% more parking spaces and enabling the process of parking or retrieving a car in 2 minutes.

Parking AGV

Roller type parking AGV

It can transport cars without any medium and adapt to various complex
parking environments.
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Laser navigation roller parking AGV

Pallet type parking AGV

Compare to comb-type AGV, pallet-type AGV needs to transfer cars with pallet.
AGV can go inside of the parking space sideways and endways.
No need to set comb rack on every parking space.
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Comb type AGV

With laser navigation to realize humanless drive. Users can just parking their cars into the platform and AGV can do the rest work.
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